The "what" and "how" about Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy

Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy provides a space for TALKING and THINKING about one's emotional life and its associated difficulties, with the aim of:
  • reducing suffering,
  • making sense of one’s feelings, behaviour, pattern and attitude
  • making the right decisions for oneself,
  • setting healthy boundaries,
  • finding a new way to relate to oneself and others and
  • breaking free from dysfunctional relationships and living in unhealthy ways
The quality of the relationships we form, which means how we feel about what we invest in relationships and what we gain from them, determines our


self-esteem and

emotional well-being.

Ideally, our relationships allow full and honest expression of our sensations, feelings, needs, thoughts and memories, enabling us to engage and interact positively with the people and events we encounter.

However, when we are unable to express ourselves or do not gain the support we need in key relationships, our fundamental emotional needs are not met. We fall back onto the story we tell us to explain the world to ourselves. These beliefs can trigger defensive and habitual patterns of behaviour which can hinder our ability to cope with the challenges that confront us. In this way we limit our capacity to fulfil our current needs and a gap arises between what we desire and what we are able to achieve. While we can comprehend that our own behaviour is impeding us, we cannot always see how to unlock these patterns of thought and behaviour. Sometimes we find it difficult to make sense of our lives; and sometimes we may feel overwhelmed by our feelings, life events or struggle to sustain relationships.

How does it work?

I try to create a safe, reflective space where you can explore the difficulties that have arisen in your life. I will help you to develop insights and understandings into your problems. Your sense of self and self-esteem are derived from the relationships you have experienced. I as your counsellor and psychotherapist use our client-therapist relationship itself as a therapeutic tool. In a therapeutic relationship based on non-judgement, empathy, trust and respect it becomes possible to understand how and where your difficulties have arisen.

What are the benefits of online counselling?

Online counseling takes place on the internet. We either arrange meetings on Skype or send each other emails.   
Online counselling is convenient if your lifestyle involves shifts, long journeys to keep appointments, care arrangements for others or frequent travel. It may also help if you find it difficult to speak about your problems to someone in the room, writing things down is easier for some clients than talking about them with someone.  Words that are written down may be unspeakable out loud. Through writing, you and I share something that was previously unspeakable and make it less powerful.

What benefits can be expected?

Counselling or psychotherapy can be beneficial to anyone who needs some emotional support and who is interested in learning more about themselves and their feelings, thoughts and behaviour. By establishing a strong and supportive therapeutic relationship, my aim is to empower you to make decisions that are right for you.

How will my life change?

Your confidence in yourself grows as you learn to discern between unhealthy and dysfunctional pattern, beliefs, attitudes, behaviour and thoughts and who/what you truly are.
You start to feel free, alive and good about yourself once you identified and removed your inner resistance that kept you stuck. Your sense of esteem and worth will allow you to make decisions that are right for you and you succeed in areas that matters to you.

Whatever your reason is for seeking counselling or psychotherapy,
the insight and the awareness gained will in itself give you
more choice in the way you live your life!

Ante and post natal counselling can be helpful for:

  • Feelings evoked by motherhood
  • Anxiety and postnatal depression
  • Fear about the birth
  • A previously difficult or traumatic birth
  • Physical injury sustained during childbirth
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Negative feelings towards your baby (or child)
  • Difficulties with specific parenting issues eg. sleeping, crying, feeding

I do not provide expert advice about how to take care of your baby, however will support you to explore your thoughts and feelings and to understand where they come from. This may help you to understand what your baby/child is trying to communicate and the responses and feelings evoked in you by what they are communicating.

Your relationship with your baby, as with any other relationship, is unique. 

The aim of counselling is to empower you to respond in ways that are right for you!

Katja Brodt De Sousa - Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Heart IQ Coach.
I practice in Ealing, West London within easy reach of public transport. Tube station: Northfields, South Ealing or Ealing Broadway.

You can book an appointment by calling: 07921 073 408 or by sending an email